Adult Education – 2/25

History of the Jews - Part II

Sunday, February 25, 2018
10:15 am
Congregation Beth Shalom Library
1801 Baynard Blvd Wilmington DE, 19802
Please join Rabbi Winaker in the library for “The Story of the Jews”, as narrated by British historian Simon Schama.  This month Rabbi Winaker will present Part Two: Jews Under Medieval Christianity and Islam.  Most of us are familiar with Jewish biblical history and even modern Jewish history, from the time of Mendelssohn and Herzl, through the Holocaust and the founding of the State of Israel. But the period from the Destruction of the Temple, in 70 CE, and the subsequent diaspora of the Jews throughout the Roman Empire, from the advent of Christianity in the fourth century and Islam in the six century – all of this is a bit hazy. However it is important, in terms of our own Jewish identity, to understand how our families got from ancient Israel to the Pale of Settlement, to eventually find our way to these shores. Rabbi Winaker will provide take-home maps and a timeline, to supplement the movie experience so you will walk away from this class with a clearer understanding of the medieval growth of the Jewish religion and people.