The monthly newsletter for members of Congregation Beth Shalom.  It includes articles from our Rabbi, our Cantor, our lay leadership, our membership, a monthly update of events, as well as life cycle and other announcements important to our Congregation.  Monthly contributions and advertisements are also contained within the pages of the Kol Shalom.

Articles are due by the 4th of every month. Submissions received after the 4th will not appear in the upcoming edition.

Individuals wishing to submit content may do so by sending an email to


Submission Guidelines:


Content: 250 max. words, edited, in plain (non-formatted) text. Images/ Graphics: 2 max, high resolution (300 dpi or higher), jpeg or pdf. (preferable).

Photos: 3max., high resolution, clear, subject identifiable ie. close-ups of person(s) or object. Include name of person(s) in photo, photo credit and one line description. The name(s) of the person(s) or the focus of the photo should be the name of the image(s) being sent. Photos that are taken with cellphones and/or wide-shots, room shows, or full length photo of a group will not appear well in the printed version of the Kol Shalom.

Events: Date > Name of event >  Time Location > Description- 100 max. words, edited, in plain (non-formatted) text. B’Nei Mitzvah submission- 150 max. words.


July/August 2018 Kol Shalom



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May/ June 2018 Kol Shalom



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April 2018 Kol Shalom



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March 2018 Kol Shalom



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February 2018 Kol Shalom



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January 2018 Kol Shalom




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December 2017 Kol Shalom




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November 2017 Kol Shalom




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October 2017 Kol Shalom




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September 2017 Kol Shalom




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July / August 2017 Kol Shalom




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May / June 2017 Kol Shalom




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